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About MatrixStream IPTV Solution

MatrixStream Internet IPTV Solution

MatrixStream is the leading vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider. MatrixCast, our patented OTT IPTV streaming technology is designed to work over any unmanaged broadband or 4G/LTE wireless network. Public Internet included. Therefore, saving IPTV providers on head-end costs and bandwidth utilization.
MatrixCloud IPTV solution is easy to deploy, with a minimal upfront cost. It has changed the way that people watch TV.
In summary, MatrixStream is a green conscious company with a vision to develop high-quality IPTV products and remove the limits to where an IPTV provider can distribute their video content. Ultimately, we enable telecoms and service providers across the globe to start their IPTV services instantly.

The Complete Solution

MatrixStream delivers the complete solution.
Above all, you can stream the content to multiple devices. Such as HD set-top boxes, PC/Mac desktops, laptops, Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, and Android tablets. Furthermore, this solution allows service providers to offer HD Live TV, VoD, plus TV apps like e-commerce and targeted advertising. It also enables the offering of extensive IPTV services to other service providers. With their custom logo, customers, content, and finally reporting and billing.
To sum up, offering triple play IPTV service over any broadband can further increase your recurring revenue.

MatrixStream in Essence

MatrixStream was founded in 2004, in Silicon Valley, by veteran industry professionals. It was the first company to introduce a DVD quality IPTV streaming platform. The company remains a cutting edge IPTV software pioneer to this day.
As a result, MatrixStream has customers worldwide and partnerships with IPTV providers all over the globe. We deliver the complete solution, from start to deployment, for both live TV and Video on Demand. Distribute your video content wherever you like and do it in high quality, cost-effective manner.

Contact Us

With the global IPTV market expected to reach a value of $100 billion by 2025 and with the expected global growth of 18.1% every year, now is the perfect time to engage in this exciting market. We’ve got the ultimate solution.

Please don’t hesitate to take a look around the website. Download our corporate brochure or contact us for more information. We’re looking forward to meeting you and helping you distribute your video content across the world.

We deliver the complete solution, with no limitations and with endless possibilities.

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Patented MatrixCast Streaming Technology

End-to-End MatrixCloud OTT IPTV Solution

Telco Grade Commercial Pay TV IPTV Solution

Multi-Device Streaming Support Over Any Broadband Network

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