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MatrixCloud Automobile OTT IPTV Solution

Complete End-to-End Deployment in Days

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MatrixCloud OTT Automobile IPTV Solution

OTT Automobile IPTV Solution: Enhancing the Commuting Experience

Our customer, an IPTV broadband provider, is seeking to offer OTT IPTV services over a broadband wireless network in cars equipped with MatrixStream HD players.

They aim to provide commuters with an engaging experience during long and boring commutes by offering live streaming TV channels and video on demand content.

The deployment of this OTT IPTV service will leverage wireless broadband technologies such as WiMAX IP network.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • HD Video Streaming: Our solution empowers the customer to deliver high-definition content to their premium customers.
  • By enabling the viewing of HD streaming videos over wireless IP, we ensure that the IPTV equipment remains up-to-date with the latest technology advancements. Additionally, customers who have installed HD video displays in their cars can fully enjoy the immersive experience of watching HD content on the go.
  • Streaming Over the Internet: Rather than relying on traditional video downloading services with poor video quality and slow loading times, our customer can leverage the existing wireless broadband infrastructure to stream videos directly to cars. With technologies like WiMAX and broadband cellular networks, the customer can take advantage of higher access speeds, delivering a seamless streaming experience.
  • Dynamic Wireless Tower Switching (DWTS): Our MatrixCast video transport technology handles the challenges associated with wireless tower switching, which is common in wireless data networks. It ensures that video quality is maintained even when wireless connections switch from one tower to another, providing uninterrupted entertainment for commuters.
  • Compatibility with Car Video Displays: Subscribers have the flexibility to watch videos on their car’s existing mobile video displays. Our IPTV solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with various car video display systems, enabling viewers to enjoy their favorite content with ease.
  • Scalability for Future Growth: Our IPTV system is fully scalable, allowing the customer to meet their current requirements and accommodate future growth. As the subscriber base expands, our solution can effortlessly scale to support increased demand without compromising performance.
  • Remote Software/Firmware Updates: Minimizing operational costs and on-site visits, our solution enables remote management of all car IPTV viewing clients. This feature allows for hassle-free software and firmware updates, ensuring that the system remains up-to-date and secure.
  • VOD Support: In addition to live TV streaming, subscribers can access a vast library of video on demand content. This comprehensive offering provides viewers with complete access to a wide range of videos, enhancing their entertainment options during their commute.
  • Viewing Ratio Optimization: Anticipating simultaneous video streaming by a significant number of subscribers, our solution is built to handle high viewing ratios. Even during peak times, our system ensures smooth playback and a consistent viewing experience for all subscribers.
  • Easy Deployment and Management: Recognizing the customer’s limited IT resources, we have designed a user-friendly IPTV solution that simplifies deployment, management, and support. Our intuitive interface and streamlined processes enable a seamless implementation, allowing the customer to focus on delivering an exceptional experience to their subscribers.

Experience the Future of Commuting with Our OTT Automobile IPTV Solution.

Contact us today to learn more about how our cutting-edge technology can elevate your IPTV services and transform the in-car entertainment experience for your subscribers.

IPTV Requirement List

After reviewing the customer requirements, MatrixStream decided to recommend the following equipment list for deployment.

Because MatrixStream’s MatrixCast OTT automobile IPTV solution is an end-to-end solution, the customer does not have to spend months to integrate an IPTV solution from multiple vendors.

The following a list of equipment required:

  • 2 IMX M2200 OTT IPTV middleware servers. 1 for management and another for redundancy.
  • 6 IMX v2420 VOD MatrixCast Streaming servers to support VOD. 5 IMX v2420 can support up to 6,000 simultaneous SD streams. At the same time, each server can back up the other through N+1 clustering design.
  • Customized MX 1100 PC IPTV player with customer’s logo – PC clients will be made available to students for download off customer’s Website. Students can watch videos on their PCs.
  • Customized MX 1101 Android IPTV player with customer’s logo – People with Android smart phones and tablets will be able to download customer’s own player right from Google Play store.
  • Customized MX 1102 IOS Apple IPTV player with customer’s logo – People with Apple iPhones and iPads will be able to download customer’s own player right from Apple’s App store.


Automobile Vehicle IPTV Service Deployment Diagram


Automobile Vehicle IPTV service deployment network diagram

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