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Complete OTT End-to-End IPTV Solution

Central Command for the Entire IPTV System

Multi-Device Streaming Support

Integrated with Pay TV Certified DRM

Unlimited Upgradability Through MediaMatrix API

MatrixStream Gracenote EPG Integration

High-Performance, Scalable, Reliable Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

MatrixCloud end-to-end IPTV Solution


MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. presents a comprehensive and seamless end-to-end IPTV solution, designed to empower service providers with the remarkable capability to initiate their own IPTV services instantly. Comprising a dynamic array of cutting-edge components, the MatrixStream solution encompasses an array of essential elements: from IPTV middleware servers and Ultra 4K set-top boxes to PVR (Personal Video Recorder) functionality, HD streaming through an Internet PC player, a fully customizable EPG (Electronic Programming Guide), HD video on demand servers, proficient HD and SD video encoders, robust solid-state video streaming servers, and the revolutionary MatrixCast streaming protocol.

Unveiling an unparalleled digital TV experience, the MatrixStream solution transcends the boundaries set by conventional cable and satellite TV. Each facet of our offering is meticulously designed to deliver an exceptional user experience, setting new benchmarks for quality and engagement. Our dedication to innovation translates into an IPTV solution that outshines traditional counterparts, catering to the evolving demands of modern viewers.

What sets MatrixStream apart is not just its technological prowess, but also its simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Unlike traditional IPTV solutions, MatrixStream is engineered for swift deployment, ensuring that broadband providers can swiftly introduce their IPTV services without grappling with the complexities of system integration. This streamlined approach empowers service providers to capitalize on the booming IPTV landscape without compromising on quality or facing undue hurdles.

MatrixStream emerges as the catalyst that empowers service providers to venture into the world of IPTV with confidence and ease. Through our comprehensive solution, we provide the tools and infrastructure needed to redefine entertainment delivery, all while keeping deployment straightforward and costs manageable. By embracing MatrixStream, service providers unlock a new era of television delivery that seamlessly merges innovation, quality, and accessibility.

The heart of the MatrixStream solution is the MatrixCast streaming protocol that allows all MatrixStream products to stream HD video seamlessly over the Internet without QoS and at low bitrate. Download our corporate brochure here.

MatrixCloud end-to-end IPTV Solution

IPTV System Features

Integrated IPTV DRM

Anti-Piracy Security

Single Login Multiple Devices

MediaMatrix 3rd Party Development

HEVC/H.265 Support

Intelligent Adaptive Bitrate

Low Bandwidth Required

Bandwidth Saving Mode

Live TV Pause

Mosaic TV Browse

MatrixGuide TV Listing

Smart Targeted Ad System

Auto Fail-over Redundant System

3D HDTV Video Support

Fast Channel Changing and Video Loading

Ultra HD 4K Video Support

Next Generation Advanced Streaming Technology

Multi-Device End-to-End IPTV System

Integrated with Custom 3rd Party Billing

Easy Installation Up in Running in Days

Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

Hardware and Software


  • Middleware management servers
  • Live TV and VOD edge node streaming servers
  • Android, IOS, PC, MAC, and set top box video viewing clients
  • Web based management and monitoring
  • Complete e-commerce Web portal integration and deployment
  • Add-on applications such as picture sharing, music on-demand, and much more

Monitoring and Management


  • Sophisticated web browser management
  • Content and security management
  • Advertising management
  • Report and data mining
  • Video delivery management
  • Membership and billing integration
  • Billing API to integrate with third-party OSS systems
Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution
Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

MatrixStream Gracenote Integration


  • MatrixStream middleware system is directly integrated with Gracenote
  • Import Gracenote media data information directly into MatrixStream IPTV system
  • Able to populate MatrixStream live TV, VOD, and Music medias with Gracenote metadata quickly
  • Clients can be up and be running with correct information on their EPG (Electronic Programming Guide)
  • Allow IPTV operators to deploy live IPTV systems quickly and easily
MatrixStream IPTV platform overview
Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

High-Performance Server, Subscriber, Billing, and Usage Management

Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

Unlimited Scalability, HEVC compliant, Flexible Deployment

MatrixCloud IPTV Pay TV Total Control

MatrixCloud Bandwidth Saving Super Head-end IPTV Solution with Remote Locations

Cloud IPTV Streaming Solution

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