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Customized Hospitality Hotel IPTV Solution

Complete End-to-End Deployment in Days

Deployed via MatrixStream Professional Services

MatrixCloud End-to-End Hotel IPTV Solution or Hospitality IPTV Solution

Customer Requirements for a Hotel IPTV Solution

Our distinguished client, a luxury hotel, aspires to provide their esteemed guests with an extraordinary entertainment experience by offering a wide range of high-definition (HD) videos.

They seek a state-of-the-art IPTV solution that can flawlessly showcase HD 720p, 1080p, and mesmerizing 4K VOD videos on luxurious 50″ HDTVs installed in every room.

Equipped with a robust wired IP network infrastructure spanning the entire complex, the client intends to replace their current analog VOD system, which has limitations on the number of available videos.

By embracing an IPTV solution, they aim to seamlessly manage their expansive video content library and offer an extensive array of captivating content. To generate additional VOD revenue, the client plans to enrich their VOD lineup with an impressive collection of several thousand hours of video content.

Moreover, they envision streaming all of the broadcast TV channels directly to each room through the IP network.

With the integration of this advanced IPTV solution, the luxury hotel is poised to elevate their guests’ experience to new heights, delivering an immersive and comprehensive entertainment package encompassing HD 720p, 1080p, and breathtaking 4K videos.

MatrixStream Hospitality IPTV Solution

Introducing our state-of-the-art Hotel IPTV Solution, designed to elevate the guest experience and boost revenue for luxury hotels.

With our cutting-edge Hotel Video Solution, you can offer a wide range of video content, including HD 720p, 1080p, and even stunning 4K videos on 50″ HDTVs in all your premium rooms.

  • Our IPTV system seamlessly integrates with your wired IP network, allowing you to effortlessly manage a vast video library and provide guests with a diverse selection of high-quality content. Whether it’s HD 720p, crystal-clear 1080p, or immersive 4K videos, your premium customers will enjoy an unparalleled viewing experience.
  • Streaming over your IP network without QoS is a breeze. Our IPTV solution harnesses the power of 100 Mbps Ethernet connections in each room, delivering smooth playback and uninterrupted streaming for a superior entertainment experience.
  • We understand the importance of scalability and future growth. Our expandable IPTV system is designed to effortlessly meet your current requirements while offering the flexibility to accommodate the increasing demand for higher resolution content, including 4K videos.
  • With remote software/firmware updates, you can easily manage and maintain all PC and STB clients, minimizing truck rolls and reducing operational costs.
  • In addition to the extensive video content, our IPTV system enables seamless streaming of all 50 broadcast IPTV channels directly over your IP network, offering a comprehensive in-room entertainment package.
  • Our solution is built to handle simultaneous viewership, ensuring a flawless experience even when up to 20% of your subscribers are enjoying videos concurrently.
  • We understand your need for a user-friendly and cost-effective deployment. Our intuitive system is easy to deploy, manage, and support, minimizing integration costs and relying on minimal IT staff for support.
  • Elevate your luxury hotel with our advanced Hotel IPTV Solution and Hotel Video Solution, and provide your guests with an exceptional in-room entertainment experience featuring HD 720p, 1080p, and mesmerizing 4K videos. Step into the future of hospitality entertainment today!
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Custom Hotel IPTV Solution Requirement List

After reviewing the customer requirements, MatrixStream decided to recommend the following equipment list for deployment.

Because MatrixStream’s MatrixCast IPTV solution is an end-to-end solution, customer does not have to spend months to integrate an IPTV solution from multiple vendors. The following a list of equipment required:

  • 2 IMX 3in1 IPTV Solution servers that has custom IPTV management dashboard, live TV streaming and VOD streaming
  • 7 IMX e4018 Video Encoders – each e4108 video encoder can encode 8 channels
  • 1,000 MX 3 IP STBs – Fully able to support HD 1080p videos. Students can hook up MX 1 IP STB to their HDTV at home to watch class videos.

MatrixCloud Hotel IPTV Solution Super Head-End Network Deployment Example

MatrixCloud Hotel IPTV Solution

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