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Wireless Mobile Provider IPTV OTT Streaming Solution

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MatrixCloud End-to-End Wireless IPTV Solution Provider

Wireless IPTV Solution Provider: Empowering Your Mobile Network Services

As a 4G LTE or other mobile network service provider with a substantial subscriber base, you recognize the tremendous opportunity to offer IPTV or OTT services to drive sales and engage both existing and future customers.

However, it is crucial to select a solution that maximizes network capacity, ensures seamless user connectivity, and supports the highest-quality video across various coverage areas.

Matrixstream’s comprehensive system addresses these requirements, while also providing seamless integration with your legacy billing, network access, user-authentication, and monitoring systems.

Key Factors to Consider:

  • Platform Integration: Integration is a vital yet often overlooked aspect of IPTV and OTT service launches. Matrixstream emphasizes the importance of seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and end-user devices, ensuring a cohesive user experience. Our platform supports future development and enables cost-effective scalability as your business evolves.
  • Number of Video Subscribers: Carefully assess your audience within the first six months and project future growth within 12-18 months. Matrixstream’s MX solution is N+1 scalable, allowing for expansion in line with your subscriber base. Sizing your IPTV or OTT platform to accommodate near-term growth is crucial for optimal performance.
  • Video Quality: Consider the realistic bitrates that your network can support, taking into account end-user connections and devices. Our advanced compression technology ensures exceptional stream quality even within limited network bandwidth. Understanding your network’s capabilities will help determine the optimal video bitrate for a superior viewing experience.
  • Size of Live TV Lineup and/or VOD Library: Decide on the ideal offering for your audience, considering the number of channels and VOD titles to provide. The MX platform can support an unlimited number of channels and VOD content, empowering you to curate a diverse and extensive content library. Each channel and VOD title undergoes ingestion, processing, and streaming, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your subscribers.
  • Private Network or Open Internet: As consumers prioritize quality of service, factors such as fast-channel changing, low latency, and smooth navigation become critical. Matrixstream’s MX system optimizes your network infrastructure, whether you choose private network delivery, a blend of private and Internet delivery, or streaming solely over the open Internet. Connectivity should be considered when planning video quality, lineup and library size, edge equipment needs, and related factors.
  • Device Mix: Take into account the range of devices your subscribers use, such as mobile phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, HD TVs, and set-top boxes. Ensure your IPTV solution can deliver content at various bitrates with adaptive capabilities tailored to individual devices. Matrixstream’s MX system intelligently delivers content based on connectivity and device compatibility.
  • Expandability: Consider scalability across all equipment and components. While adding streaming equipment may be straightforward, factors such as storage capacity, database upgrades, and other hardware and software elements critical for growth may require more time to implement. Matrixstream’s end-to-end control of the system ensures flexibility across your entire IPTV OTT platform, facilitating seamless expansion as your business evolves.
  • Software/Firmware Updates: Minimize frontline support and truck roll costs by selecting a platform that offers hands-free remote monitoring, device renewal, and software/firmware updates. Matrixstream takes the weight off your shoulders, ensuring a quick restoration of quality of service and an enhanced user experience.
  • Concurrent and Peak Audience: Estimate the number of simultaneous viewers and anticipate audience spikes, accounting for typical usage patterns and peak viewership during major events and broadcasts. Matrixstream recommends accommodating approximately 20-30% of your user base watching concurrently, with peak viewership potentially reaching 35-40% during heavy usage. Our solution is designed to support these audience demands while maintaining exceptional performance.

Select Matrixstream as Your Wireless IPTV Solution Provider: Contact us today to discover how our robust technology and expertise can elevate your mobile network services by delivering a seamless and immersive IPTV and OTT experience for your subscribers.

Wireless IPTV Solution Requirement List


Now that you’ve considered the factors that will shape your IPTV or OTT platform needs and goals, see below for a typical wireless/mobile operator solution:

    • Up to 100,000 registered users
    • Up to 30,000 simultaneous viewers
    • Support for tablets and mobile phones
    • Branded and customized apps and desktop players
    • Optional Chromecast, Smart TV, Roku and other connected apps
    • Payment, billing, network access and authentication integration
    • 75 live TV channels (30 HD, 40 SD)
    • Encoding satellite streams into high-quality IP format
    • 1000 VOD titles
    • Live+7 network DVR

MX Platform Specifications

    • MX e4010 SD/HD IP video encoders
    • MX e4090 SD/HD media processors
    • MX X1i Matrixcast live streaming servers
    • MX X1v Matrixcast DVR streaming servers
    • MX v2420 Matrixcast VOD streaming servers
    • MX X1s DVR recording servers
    • 32TB triple-mirrored, MX smart storage cluster
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Wireless Mobile 4G LTE IPTV Service Deployment Network Diagram

Wireless mobile 4G LTE IPTV service deployment diagram

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