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IPTV Solution Provider in Africa: Accelerating the Future of Television


The pace of change in African IPTV and OTT streaming has been nothing short of revolutionary, presenting incredible opportunities for telecoms and mobile operators to launch IPTV and Video on Demand (VOD) services across the continent. Africa, with its vast untapped TV market relative to its population, is ripe for telecoms to team up with third parties and leverage the growing consumer appetite for traditional pay TV services and global streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, iFlix, and Kwese TV. International trends are shaping the African video landscape, while customization for individual African nations and audiences creates unique business models.

Projected Growth of African IPTV Market


The African IPTV and OTT landscape is being influenced by the content revolution happening in the United States. Premier television networks like CBS and HBO are now going directly to consumers and generating billions in revenue from pay TV, with each boasting over five million streaming subscribers. Netflix has spearheaded the expansion of high-quality web-based over-the-top (OTT) video platforms. These changes in the US are driving innovation in Africa and other emerging markets, where major pay TV providers are pivoting towards more flexible channel lineups. This revolution presents a great opportunity for emerging market operators to launch IPTV or video on demand services as part of multi-play bundles.

The Benefits of Offering IPTV and VOD


To remain relevant in the mobile and internet-first world of Africa, telecoms and mobile operators should consider pairing IPTV or VOD platforms with other quality offerings. Becoming a connected services company that also sells TV is essential. Instead of solely being a pay TV operator, telecoms can leverage the deployment of 3G, CDMA, and even 4G/LTE and fiber internet to provide reliable quality of service and experience. By diversifying their offerings, they can generate additional income and sell more profitable products like mobile phones and internet services.

IPTV solution Provider in Africa

Complete Africa OTT IPTV Live TV VOD Service Deployment Diagram

Automobile Vehicle IPTV service deployment network diagram

Expanding the ROI Picture


When considering the return on investment (ROI) for IPTV, cable, or satellite video services, it is crucial not to focus solely on direct video subscriber and transactional revenue. Pay TV services should serve as a means to generate attractive additional income and sell more profitable products. The African pay TV and OTT video industry is projected to grow to over US$7 billion by 2021. To maximize revenue, it is essential to invest significantly in a dependable IPTV/OTT video streaming platform solution, high-quality programming, and the expansion of mobile infrastructure and broadband capacity.

Embracing World-Class IPTV and OTT Programming


Embracing premium OTT TV and positioning high-speed internet access as the core profit center is key. For wireless operators, enabling web-based viewing while offering world-class pay TV services is a winning strategy, especially considering that many users in Africa go online via mobile connections. By embracing premier web-delivered programming, operators can reevaluate broadband internet pricing, which is currently cost-prohibitive for many Africans. Although infrastructure investment is significant, VOD and live streaming video are the chief drivers of demand for premium online access across devices.

IPTV solution Provider in Africa

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems and Equipment


At MatrixStream, we understand the unique needs of African telecoms and offer seamless integration with prepaid and post-paid models in multiple currencies, network authentication, messaging and analytics systems, and existing set-top boxes and apps. Our one-vendor, end-to-end IPTV and OTT solution ensures a winning video service that generates direct revenue and can be bundled with high-margin offerings such as broadband, wireless, and home phone services.



In conclusion, the African IPTV market presents tremendous opportunities for telecoms and mobile operators to tap into the growing consumer demand for TV and streaming services. By partnering with a reliable IPTV solution provider and capitalizing on the projected market growth, African telecoms can pave the way for a new era of entertainment and revenue generation.

Contact MatrixStream today to explore how our 4K streaming IPTV solution can help you thrive in the African market and deliver unparalleled viewing experiences to your customers.

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