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Multi-Device Live Streaming Video Gateway

Save Bandwidth By Optimizing Each Live Streams for Multiple Devices

Designed for Telco Grade IPTV Commercial Deployment

Optimized for Commercial Pay TV IPTV Head-end

IMX e4100 SD/HD Multi-Device IPTV Video Gateway

A Comprehensive Overview of the IMX e4100 Multi-Screen Video Transcoder: Transforming Streaming for Diverse Devices – IPTV Video Gateway

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern entertainment, the IMX e4100 multi-screen video transcoder emerges as a groundbreaking solution tailored to address the complex demands of translating a singular video stream into multiple formats, ideal for diverse devices.

With the proliferation of consumer electronics, each individual now possesses an array of gadgets, each boasting varying screen sizes, capable of rendering videos.

The IMX e4100 video transcoder is strategically engineered to empower IPTV operators, enabling them to seamlessly deliver streaming videos across the Internet, catering to a multitude of devices such as HD set-top boxes, PC players, iPhone viewers, iPad/iPad 2 enthusiasts, and Android mobile users.

This cutting-edge transcoder takes a single video stream input from the IMX e4090 video encoder, employing its transformative prowess to transcode it into an array of streams optimized for the range of supported devices.

Advancing with Unparalleled Advantages

The IMX e4100 transcends conventional design boundaries with its low-profile 1U rack-mounted architecture. Demonstrating its adaptability, it encompasses support for an array of video formats including HD set-top boxes, PC videos, iPhone-optimized content, Android mobile videos, iPad/iPad 2 experiences, and beyond.

Its core strength lies in its exceptional ability to meticulously transcode a solitary video stream into multiple screen formats, catering to the diverse preferences of today’s viewership.

What sets the IMX e4100 apart is its seamless integration with the IMX e4090 HD video encoder, forming a cohesive ecosystem that guarantees flawless performance.

The inclusion of six Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports is a testament to its commitment to performance enhancement and redundancy. Distinct Ethernet ports dedicated to stream ingestion and output ensure optimum data flow.

Efficient management is made accessible through multiple avenues, including the intuitive front panel equipped with an LCD/Keypad interface.

Additionally, the embedded Web server configuration offers comprehensive control while SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) with MIB v2C facilitates remote management, empowering administrators with unprecedented oversight and management capabilities.

A testament to its holistic approach, the IMX e4100 video transcoder seamlessly collaborates with MatrixStream’s Server Series, specifically optimized to complement the MatrixCast Streaming protocol over the Internet.

This visionary integration empowers IPTV providers to elevate their offerings, delivering high-definition videos of broadcast quality across the digital realm.

In summary, the IMX e4100 multi-screen video transcoder is poised to redefine the landscape of streaming, ensuring a harmonious and immersive viewing experience across an array of devices.

Its versatility, robust performance, and synergistic integration make it an indispensable asset for IPTV operators seeking to navigate the intricate demands of modern content delivery.


  • Video Inputs – 6x Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Output Interface – 6x Gigabit Ethernet ports
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MatrixCloud Video Gateway IPTV Solution Deployment Network Diagram

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