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MatrixStream IPTV E-Commerce Web Portal 1

MatrixStream IPTV E-Commerce Web Portal 2

MatrixStream IPTV E-Commerce Web Portal 3

MatrixStream IPTV E-Commerce Web Portal 4

MatrixStream IPTV E-Commerce Web Portal 5

MatrixStream IPTV Web portal and E-commerce Solution

MatrixCloud IPTV Web Portal and E-Commerce Integration

MatrixCloud Web Portal Solution


MatrixStream provides a true end-to-end IPTV solution. After an IPTV provider installed all the MatrixStream servers, there are number of tasks that still need to be done before a provider can launch the IPTV service. Here are some of tasks in no particular order:


  • Billing integration – MatrixStream can help you integrate your current billing system with our MatrixCloud IPTV back-end.
  • IPTV Web Portal – A provider will need a Web portal where new subscribers can sign up for IPTV services, add money to the account, pay bills, buy new equipment through e-commerce portal etc.
  • Marketing – A provider will need to implement a marketing program to launch the IPTV service. A Web portal is a great place to get started.
MatrixStream IPTV Web portal and E-commerce Solution

MatrixCloud E-Commerce Integration


MatrixStream’s MatrixCloud IPTV e-commerce Web portal solution is the pre-designed portal system that’s fully integrated with our MatrixCloud back-end. Some of the features and benefits of the MatrixCloud Web portal solution is listed below:


  • Instantly launch your new beautiful Web portal using one of the 5 pre-designed portal theme below
  • All the MatrixStream Web portals are beautifully designed with latest Web technologies
  • Have the Web portal branded with your own logo
  • Have the Web portal fully integrated with your e-commerce set up (Paypal etc.)
  • Instantly add new TV packages to the portal where new and existing subscribers can order, upgrade etc.
  • Instantly add products to the portal (Ex. new set top box) where new and existing customers can order, upgrade etc.
  • New subscribers will be provisioned automatically once they sign up on the Web portal without provider assistance
  • Existing subscribers can change their subscription level and have it updated on the back-end automatically without provider assistance
  • Additional customization is also available through MatrixStream’s professional services.

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