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Capitalizing on eSports Video Platform : A Revenue-Boosting Opportunity for Wireless Operators

In the fast-paced world of modern entertainment, eSports has emerged as a powerhouse, captivating millions of enthusiasts globally. It’s a trend that wireless operators, IPTV, and OTT service providers can’t afford to overlook.

Leveraging the eSports wave can unlock revenue streams, bolster wireless, video, and broadband sales, and establish lasting connections with the younger demographic.

This is a prime opportunity to engage with subscribers who value superior connectivity and immersive entertainment experiences. As an illustrative case, the recent League of Legends summer tournament garnered a staggering 43 million simultaneous viewers in China alone.

Notably, the top five events in June 2023 attracted an astounding combined audience of over 100 million.

Unveiling the eSports Audience’s Untapped Potential

Wireless providers are in a prime position to harness the expansive reach of eSports, especially since the core eSports fan base is predominantly under the age of 35.

In the United States, these fans spend more than twice as much as non-eSports viewers on non-TV entertainment. This includes subscription video on demand (SVOD) and one-time event passes, aligning seamlessly with 4G/LTE plans and high-margin bandwidth packages.

Additionally, streaming rights in emerging markets are still widely available, presenting a unique window of opportunity.

Broadening the Spectrum of eSports ROI

To maximize the return on investment in eSports events and video on demand, it’s essential to consider a comprehensive picture beyond direct subscriber and transactional video revenue.

The overarching goal should be to drive the adoption of profitable service bundles that foster engagement and reduce churn.

eSports programming possesses the potential to draw in eSports enthusiasts and gamers who haven’t engaged with traditional pay TV, including those who’ve never subscribed (cord-nevers) or have transitioned away from subscription TV (cord-cutters).

These individuals often exhibit disposable income and a desire for quality wireless and broadband services – areas where mobile operators excel.

Automobile Vehicle IPTV service deployment network diagram
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Strategizing with eSports to Amplify Services

Live eSports events and ongoing league coverage provide an optimal platform to repeatedly reach deeply engaged audiences. Craft limited-time service bundle discounts tailored for eSports fans and consider exclusive offers for existing product subscribers.

Moreover, keep in mind that effective marketing to eSports enthusiasts requires precise targeting to their needs, as they’re sensitive to excessive ads and irrelevant promotions. Tailor your advertising approach for maximum resonance and success.

Seamless Integration for Amplified Success

MatrixStream understands the intricate demands of wireless operators and telecommunications providers.

Our expertise lies in seamlessly integrating network authentication, billing, logins, messaging, analytics, APIs, existing set-top boxes, and apps – aspects often overlooked when launching IPTV and OTT services.

With MatrixStream, you’re equipped to drive long-term revenue across all your services. Connect with us today to learn how we’ve supported some of the world’s largest telecoms and can help launch your service in just 90 days.

Contact us now to explore the boundless potential of eSports-driven growth.

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