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IMX Enterprise Optimized VOD/DVR Storage Solution

Designed for VOD/DVR Storage

Fully Integrated with MatrixCloud Servers

Cloud-based IPTV Ecosystem

MatrixCloud DVR and Personal DVR Features Overview

IPTV Streaming, Cloud DVR and VOD Optimized


The X1s is optimized to support cloud DVR and VOD storage. Once enabled, viewers can record their favorite TV shows in the cloud on MX X1s storage servers. This cloud DVR feature allows IPTV and OTT operators to provide DVR service without individual, in-home customer storage. Complete cloud storage enables IPTV and OTT providers are offer highly-secure network DVR for the best consumer experience.

Hardware Redundancy for High Availability and Performance


Each X1s includes two fully-redundant controllers and four 10 Gbe ports for 40 Gbps of total throughput. The X1s also features four CPUs, 384 GB of memory, dual power supplies, dual SAS controllers for add-on expansion and ultra-fast SSDs based on PCIe architecture.

Video Data Replication for Multiple POP Support


The X1s storage server is designed to work with the rest of the MatrixStream IPTV ecosystem to provide DVR video to local subscribers. Each X1s has built-in intelligence to replicate unique video data from other X1s servers. This enables subscribers to stream videos from a local POP (Point of Presence), rather than more distant locations. Once a video file is uploaded into the IPTV system and permission is granted for data replication, recorded video is automatically synced among different POPs. The result is a better IPTV and OTT DVR experience and bandwidth savings across your entire IPTV network.

MatrixCast Streaming Optimized


The X1s storage server is precisely calibrated to patented MatrixCast streaming technology. As is critical to wireless providers and other IPTV and OTT operators, MatrixCast streaming technology allows viewers to watch low-bitrate, high-quality SD, HD and 4K video over private or open networks.

Unlimited Scalability


The MatrixStream IPTV system supports unlimited VOD and DVR storage with N+1 scalability. Each X1s head controller boasts storage for literally thousands of TV and film titles. IPTV and OTT services can expand total storage by adding up to two 4U X1t disk drive array per X1s head controller. Each X1t is capable of supporting up to 692 TB of storage space. With one X1s and two X1t units, operators can get up to 1.562 petabytes of storage. If even more storage space is needed, operators just need to add additional X1s with additional 4U X1t storage arrays.

Data De-duplication


MX X1s VOD and DVR storage features “smart” data de-duplication capabilities, maintaining just a single copy of any video file on each storage array to maximize capacity. This automatic intelligence and our extremely competitive storage pricing, could save you literally hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars versus other enterprise IPTV and OTT vendors.

Tiered Storage for High Speed Video Access


The X1s supports tiered storage for high-speed video access. This allows IPTV and OTT operators to offer the quickest VOD performance while minimizing total IPTV head-end cost. Of course, you can configure your IPTV or OTT streaming platform to meet your exact budget and service needs.

MatrixCloud Enterprise Storage Rack Solution

MatrixCloud Enterprise Storage Solution Features


  • Customers will get the MatrixCloud storage rack that’s fully pre-configured and wired
  • Solution is fully redundant on the rack level
  • Customers can save time and money on installation and configuration
  • Storage controller head unit has 4 separate nodes for redundancy and performance
  • Storage head controller unit and JBOD units are connected via 100 Gbps ports
  • Each 100 Gbps ports can break out to 4x 25 Gbps ports

MatrixCloud Storage Solution Rack Configurations


  • MatrixCloud Storage Starter Rack Solution – 388.8 TB Raw with approximately 128 TB usable
  • MatrixCloud Storage Half Rack Solution – 777.6 TB Raw with approximately 256 TB usable
  • MatrixCloud Storage Full Rack Solution – 1,555.2 TB Raw with approximately 256 TB usable
  • Fully integrate with MatrixCloud X1s for remote VOD/DVR deployment
  • Customers can expand from Starter Solution to Half Rack Solution to Full Rack Solution

MatrixCloud Storage Rack Solution Diagram

MatrixCloud Storage Rack Solution

MatrixCloud X1s Remote Storage Server

  • Designed for remote location deployment
  • Save bandwidth by localizing video traffic to remote locations
  • Cost saving vs. enterprise rack deployment
  • Automatic synchronization with enterprise storage head-end
  • Approximately 50.16 TB raw or 16 TB usable
  • Expandable up to additional 128 TB usable storage with JBOD add-ons
  • Can support add-on of 2x 4U JBOD units
  • Each JBOD unit has 192 TB raw or approximately 64 TB usable

Fully Integrated With MatrixCloud Technologies

MatrixCloud VOD/DVR Storage IPTV Solution Deployment Network Diagram

MatrixCloud VOD Storage PTV Solution Deployment Network Diagram

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