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Content for Almost Any Country Worldwide

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MatrixStream Technologies Content Acquisition and Strategy Services


But what about the content? Licensing high-quality programming is a major stumbling block to many companies desiring to launch or expand IPTV services. Operators are most familiar with and understand the purchase process for acquiring technologies to power premier offerings such as wireless service, broadband access, IP phone and other products. But content acquisition and strategy is often an entirely new world with different rules and requirements, much of which are completely foreign to telecoms. But what if you could acquire a premium channel lineup and other entertainment almost anywhere in the world? Matrixstream is fully capable of meeting your unique content needs on any device across the globe and we offer this optional service to all of our system clients. Live TV? VOD? DVR? Set-top boxes? Mobiles and tablets? All done. And with the insight and experience to help you achieve your commercial goals.

We’ll overview in clear terms the content acquisition process, advise you on national and regional competitors and help you win with a lineup tailored to the audience you want to reach. The content business is a relationship business and we have the partnerships to help you quickly acquire incredible programming and succeed long-term. Contact us today to learn more about how we can meet your IPTV programming needs as part of our complete, end-to-end solution.



Realize that you shouldn’t be a pay TV operator alone but rather a connected services company which also sells TV. The days of “pure play” pay TV providers–those that only offer TV services–are numbered. 3G, CDMA and even 4G/LTE and fiber internet is being deployed at an incredible pace. In the mobile and internet-first world of Africa, you must pair IPTV or video on demand platforms with other quality offerings to remain relevant today and over the long-term.

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