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OTT Video Streaming – One in five viewers will abandon a poor OTT video streaming immediately according to Conviva.

After a poor experience, one in five viewers will never return to that service.

In contrast to these findings, 90% of the respondents choose to go back to services that gave them a superior viewing experience.

Conviva’s report OTT: Beyond Entertainment Survey Report demonstrates the impact of streaming video quality experience on viewer engagement across several video genres.

OTT Video Streaming

These include news/information, entertainment, education, product research, and self-improvement.

As well as highlighting the different tolerances from various age groups to poor quality viewing experiences.

“Quality of experience is just as important as quality of content. Today’s most successful providers know how to use the actionable insights provided by Conviva data to deliver the very best possible experience,” said Dr. Hui Zhang, CEO of Conviva.

“Although 83 percent of viewers will exhibit some patience waiting for an improvement in the playback picture, no service can afford to lose 17 percent of its audience based purely on lower-than-expected quality of experience.”

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This report reveals the extent of viewers’ patience.

It is crucial to have a reliable system that can attract and retain viewers such as that of MatrixStream’s.

With MatrixStream’s Next Generation MatrixCloud OTT IPTV Network DVR Solution for Service Providers, broadband service providers and mobile providers are set to get a boost to their OTT offering.

This platform will enable providers to offer greater value to customers with a reliable service.

Matrixstream’s low bandwidth, end-to-end, plug and play platform gives operators the ability to launch premium TV everywhere OTT solution quickly without the need to spend a huge startup cost.

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