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Redwood Shores, CA – January 3rd , 2013

MatrixStream is introducing the complete MatrixCloud IPTV solution for IPTV providers worldwide, giving
IPTV providers complete control over video content security.

Using the unique MatrixCloud geo-blocking
feature, content streaming can be controlled down to city geography level..

MatrixCloud also gives IPTV
providers the ability to offer both DVR and user-initiated DVR functions.

With flexibility to deploy either or
both features, viewers can watch their video content anywhere, at any time, and on any streaming-capable
One of the major barriers for consumers in switching over from traditional cable and satellite TV services to
IPTV is the lack of quality content over the Internet.

This lack of quality content can be attributed to the
absence of internet content security for IPTV providers.

MatrixStream Introduces MatrixCloud IPTV Solution for Virtual Cable Providers

The MatrixCloud IPTV solution solves this problem
by allowing service providers to restrict content programming by city, allowing customers to watch
programming on any broadband connection.

With this geo-blocking feature, service providers can obtain
hard-to-get must-have channels such as sports and other premium programming not normally available over
the Internet.
Another barrier for consumers is the ability to watch any live show broadcasted within the last 30 days on any
device over the Internet.

MatrixCloud’s DVR feature allows IPTV providers to record all live TV shows for the
last 30 days and make them available to viewers as VOD content.

Viewers will always have access to any
show broadcasted within the last 30 days on any device. In addition, MatrixCloud supports a user-initiated
cloud DVR feature that allows viewers to record directly to the cloud.

This allows viewers the ability to store
selected shows long term on their own cloud storage space. Both of these features can be offered as an addon
paid service or part of the bundled TV services.
The MatrixCloud IPTV solution supports the following:

  1.  Ability for viewers to watch any show broadcasted in the last 30 days on any device automatically
    without recording on their own. The service provider can restrict which device(s) viewers can watch
    and how many days they can watch.
  2. Ability for service providers to restrict live channels by city so service providers can roll out protected
    content city-by-city.
  3. Advanced targeted advertising system on any device such as TV, PC, or mobile.

“The MatrixCloud IPTV solution offers many features simply not available today on many Internet OTT (Over
the Top) video services.

The solution allows service providers to have time-to-market advantages when
deploying next-generation TV services for their viewers.

It also gives providers the ability to attract new
customers while protecting their existing customer base from onslaught of internet based OTT TV services”,
said Robert Liu, COO of MatrixStream.

MatrixStream is currently working with a tier-1 MVPD (Multichannel Video Programming Distributor) to deploy
the MatrixCloud IPTV solution with a projected launch date of Q1 2013 in selected cities in North America.

About MatrixStream Technologies

MatrixStream Technologies, Inc. is an embedded IPTV technology company offering an advanced multi-screen
MatrixCloudt® IPTV platform for service providers, utilizing patent-pending MatrixCast® streaming technology, delivering true home theater 1080p HD video to the viewing audience over the Internet to PC, Mobile, and TV-connected devices.

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