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4k content is the talk of the year. Moreover, all of the professional videos are in 4k nowadays. But what about the good old classics?

Classic Movies, New shine – 4k Content Restoration

Classic movies – everyone has to have a favourite no matter what. There is something mystical when you watch a movie that was filmed for example 30, 40, or even 50 years ago.

All those imperfections on the screen give off a breath of time that stimulates the imagination. But what if that same old timer is available in 4k video resolution?

New Experience

Firstly, it is mandatory that you have already seen a movie that you are planning to watch in a restored version. Why? Just to feel the difference.

Frames, colour, sound, and even acting on the subconscious level would not be the same.

It is all on another level, and we are talking about a few levels up. However, if you perhaps do not have your favourite classic movie it is time to choose one now.  The list that you can find here can easily help you make a decision.

Magic Behind the Process

The unbelievable fact is that movies that are recorded 40 years ago have at least the same quality as these today. As perfectly explained in How-to Geek, those movies are recorded on 35mm films that have an insanely high resolution.

Post-production processes are making the difference here. Nowadays, technology allows us to restore those classics frame by frame and still not show all the quality contained.

Some of the high budget movies such as Ben-Hur were shot on a 65mm film. Even extremely popular 4k content can’t handle the potential quality of videos shot on a 65mm film.

Where Do We Fit?

We have talked previously about VOD and 4k content that is crucial for attracting potential clients. We have recognized the trend of restoring old movies, and it has big growth potential.

Together with our partners, we can provide you content that can fulfil the needs of the most demanding customers and of course, the restored classics are included.

Schedule a meeting with us here and let’s talk about an end to end solution.

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