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Hotel IPTV System

Hotel IPTV System represents something much more important than just a plain entertainment option. The television in the establishment can prove to be a brand-defining detail.

These services are often custom-tailored to fit the business needs of any hotel. Additionally, a great hotel IPTV system can offer the experience that the guests won’t find anywhere else.

There are numerous advantages of hotel IPTV system when compared to conventional cable or satellite TV options. However, these differences and advantages are even more obvious in larger systems.

Hotel IPTV system is not only cost-effective but also provides great convenience to users.

It allows hotel guests to access a variety of features such as video on demand (VOD), live streaming TV channels, interactive services like games and music, and network TV.

By using an hotel IPTV system, hotels can provide their customers with a streamlined experience that will make them feel more connected to the hotel itself.

Furthermore, the system can be used to provide personalized services such as room service or housekeeping requests. By making use of an IPTV system, hotels can also track usage and customize packages based on their guests’ preferences.

To sum up, below is the breakdown of the main reasons you should switch to hotel IPTV system now.

1. Huge Number of Channels

IPTV systems often come with a huge content pool.

This means countless channels from all over the world and great on-demand catalogues. The variety of different movie and TV show genres, live broadcasts and so much more will ensure that every guest finds something that perfectly suits their needs.

As a result, the customer experience will be highly boosted. Just wait to see the reviews.

2. Custom Tailored Content

In addition to huge content pools, the IPTV is flexible enough to be custom tailored. You can create countless mixes and packages using individual decoders in each room.

This enables you to create TV packages based on your guests.

It can be tailored in accordance with their own preferences, ethnicity, age group, etc.
Moreover, you can create individual TV packages for different room types or categories.

3. Ease of Deployment

Deploying cable TV in large facilities such as hotels can prove to be both too expensive and too difficult. Coax is very limited in terms of distance and quality, and deploying it in different rooms or different buildings can be tricky.

IPTV, on the other hand, removes all limits. The distance – no longer a problem. Tons of cables – no longer a problem. Expensive amplifiers – no longer a problem.

In short, IPTV is way more practical and much more affordable.

4. Hotel Branding

Hotel IPTV system can be the same in America, in Asia, in Africa, in Europe, and in Australia. Hotel chains that operate on a global level want to maintain the service quality regardless of the location.

Naturally, this includes TV service as well.

Hotel IPTV system has an ability to deliver high-quality, 4k Ultra HD television even in less developed countries.
Additionally, conventional television has different standards worldwide.

ATSC and DVB to mention only a few.
IPTV, however, can be the same everywhere. This standardizes the guests’ experience whether they are staying in Luanda, London or Los Angeles.

Additional Perks

Apart from these four main reasons, there are several other perks that IPTV can offer to a hotel:

  • Check out and see the bill on TV
  • See weather info on TV
  • See hotel info on TV
  • Access voice mail via TV
  • Concierge service only a click away
  • Display targeted ads

Avoid being a five-star hotel with a one-star TV service. Contact us and switch to IPTV today.

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