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Global IPTV Subscriptions – According to the recent research by Point Topic, the growth rate of IPTV subscription was slightly down in the 2nd quarter of 2015 compared to the 1st quarter of the same year.

At the end of June 2015, there were already 123 million IPTV subscriptions all over the world. The addition of 4.37 million subscribers represents the strongest since the 1st quarter. As suspected, this growth was boosted partly by China.

Fixed line subscribers who took an IPTV service from their broadband operators was seen as the key reason for the growth during the quarter.

Global IPTV Subscriptions

The growth of IPTV subscribers continues to surpass fixed broadband in terms of percentage. This was expected, according to experts.

It’s important to take note that Point Topic measured subscribers to operator IPTV services, not OTT suppliers. Although Netflix and other similar providers affect the markets where they exist, there’s an evidence of a strong competition.

Point Topic explored the regional market shares of the global IPTV subscriber market. It was found out that Asia-East continues to have the highest percentage share while Europe comes second.

Global IPTV Subscriptions: How They Work and What You Need

Global IPTV Subscriptions: How They Work and What You Need

For the past four quarters, there was a remarkable growth of IPTV subscribers in Spain. This was due to new customers who were attracted to the upgraded sports packages. But in the 2nd quarter, it has returned to normal growth rate.

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