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IPTV Bandwidth – Cost of streaming bandwidth is one of the major “elephants in the room” for delivering a profitable IPTV or OTT TV service.

  Unfortunately, many IPTV solutions do not address the significant streaming capacity and usage typically required for distributing live and video on demand content, especially HD programming.

  Particularly on wireless networks and infrastructure with limited connectivity, major bandwidth usage can severely impact quality of experience including buffering and high channel latency and needlessly limit the total potential video subscriber count.

What is IPTV Bandwidth?

The next-generation video format standard HEVC (high-efficiency video encoding) promises to cut required streaming bandwidth in half through more robust media handling but HEVC is rolling out more slowly than many had hoped (subscription required), especially end-user devices that support the processing-intensive codec.

  Rather than wait for widespread adoption of HEVC (a.k.a. H265), IPTV and OTT TV operators can maximize precious network capacity and preserve bottom line revenue today.

Matrixstream understands and addresses the entire cost structure and overall profit picture of successful IPTV and OTT offerings.

  Therefore our one-vendor, end-to-end solution includes cutting edge compression that maximizes bandwidth without sacrificing viewing quality for all programming, even full 4K Ultra HD.

We can often deliver 480p content over just 750kbps, 720p video via a 1.5mbps stream and Ultra HD broadcasts over a mere 6mbps signal.

  Compare our 4K bitrate to Netflix 4K content which is encoded at 15mbps.  Even without the advantages of next-generation HEVC/H265 processing power (with which our system is fully forward-compatible), we can dramatically reduce the bandwidth necessary to deliver supreme viewing experiences.

Part of the magic of Matrixstream’s end-to-end system is that it is truly all-encompassing.

  From media conversion to streaming server to set-top box and everything in between, we write every line of code and design every piece of hardware in the Matrixstream solution, backed by our core patent in streaming technology.

  Therefore, we can dramatically fine-tune every system element for maximum performance over minimal connectivity.

Bandwidth costs and required capacity are mission-critical factors in delivering world-class video services.

  Contact us today to learn more about how we solve this riddle for you as part of our one-vendor, fully forward-compatible, enterprise IPTV solution.

NOTE: For a much broader review of the state of HEVC implementation and projections thereof, see this informative presentation by encoding expert and Streaming Media magazine contributor, Jan Ozer.

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