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IPTV Start-Up

Are you still doubtful about the idea of an IPTV start-up? Let’s face the facts. The latest reports are repeatedly talking in favor of the IPTV business, especially now when we are facing the new known reality caused by the Coronavirus worldwide.

Demanding Audience, Exceeding Expectations

Here’s the thing, before the Covid-19 crisis, IPTV providers were expected to meet certain expectations. Now we are in that state, that the disappointment of users arises when expectations are not exceeded. It can be said that this is a consequence that affects the entire IPTV business as well as other industries. But as with any innovative approach, this should be seen as a very good opportunity. Therefore, while existing IPTV companies need to upgrade their services, you on the opposite can hit the target right in the center with a fresh IPTV start-up.


First of all, do your homework and define what kind of IPTV service you want to provide and to whom. Is it just Live TV or has your research shown that your potential subscribers are more into VOD? Regardless, you can provide both, but the crucial thing is to know your market very well. You should pay attention to the new trends, forecasts, demography of the region that you are targeting, and so on… Secondly, you need to have a solution for each of the following common IPTV-related questions:
  • Content – Live TV channels, number of VOD hours, type of channels, and type of VOD
  • EPG – people rely on it heavily nowadays
  • STB – solution for Set Top Box
  • Mobile apps – Android apps, as well as IOS apps
  • TV apps – Android TV, Apple
  • Website – more information about your solution, demos, specifications etc.

Custom-tailored Service

So, here is the deal. There are a lot of not so frequently asked questions to be answered. Let us be your search engine in terms of IPTV. Do not hesitate to ask us anything here. We are here to make your IPTV start-up dream come true!

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