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Netflix’s CEO Reed Hastings admitted TV Everywhere has always been a threat. This was his revelation when he spoke at the Times DealBook Conference 2015 in New York.

“We’ve always been most scared of it  as the most fundamental threat. You get all this incredible content that the ecosystem presents on demand for your same $80 a month. Yet the inability of that ecosystem to execute on that, for a variety of reasons, has been troubling,” said Hastings.

What is TV Everywhere?

It is unable to capitalize on its technology because operators and distributors have failed to be relevant for the internet as over-the-top providers bloom.

“The challenge in the industry is it’s very fragmented, between the cable networks and distributors, and so it’s really tough to work well together to extend the ecosystem,” added Hastings.

Despite being successful for the last few years and regardless of that fragmentation, Netflix has remained wary of TV Everywhere.

TV Everywhere: How to Watch Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

The broadcast market is fragmented. Hundreds of local stations and major networks are bringing their own complexities to the distribution game.

In addition to these, delivering TV Everywhere content to various end devices such as in-home set-top boxes, mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, and pay-TV has been a big issue.

At MatrixStream, we have a strong TV Everywhere offering that can help telcos and IPTV providers set up their own TV Everywhere offering.

With our TV Everywhere offering, viewers can seamlessly watch video on OTT IPTV HD set top boxes, desktop players, laptop players, MAC players, Apple iPhone player, Apple iPad player, Android smart phone players, and Android tablet players.

Service providers can also deploy their own branded MatrixEverywhere players in the App store and Google Play store.

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