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The OTT Internet television is expected to rise from $22.3 billion in 2015 to $49.7 billion by 2020. Beyond that, growth is seen to continue for at least the next 20 years.

This is according to the report “Over the Top (OTT) Internet Television – Forecasts: 2015” released by Nakono. Because of this foreseen growth, the OTT internet television remains a threat to Pay TV.

OTT Internet Television

Although the current impact of OTT to Pay TV is still small, it is slowly penetrating the content market.

Sooner, it will overtake Pay TV. The operators of Pay TV have the option to deploy a range of defensive strategies but their current strategy is not one of them.

In the report, it was found out that OTT services is causing the increase in total TV viewing while the opposite is being observed in Pay TV.

With MatrixStream’s end-to-end OTT IPTV solution, the impact of OTT to Pay TV providers can be minimized.

Our solution allows service providers deploy a fully functional telco-grade IPTV solution in matter of weeks.

This solution delivers unparalleled digital TV user experience that’s superior to existing cable and satellite TV.

It is designed to offer unlimited live TV channels and VOD videos which can be viewed through multiple devices such as set-top box, PC and MAC players, iOS smartphones and tablets, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Our OTT IPTV offering is easy to deploy and it does not require a huge startup cost. You can easily launch your OTT IPTV service without complicated system integration.

For more information of how we can help you minimize the impact of OTT internet television to your core Pay TV services through our end-to-end OTT IPTV platform, click here.


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