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OTT-TV Service – Last May 2014, Time Warner Inc. CEO Jeff Bewkes announced at an investors’ conference that the OTT-TV service will only reach 5 million subscribers overall.

Bewkes also stated that the OTT-TV service market was only limited to a maximum of 2 million subscribers with one distributor. But, the newest expert’s forecast shows that this may not be the case for the year 2016.

OTT-TV Service

According to Businesswire, half of the world will have access to pay TV by 2017. The statistics represent over one billion subscribers by the year 2020.

OTT TV and video rental revenue can expand rapidly. Movies and pay per view will be the main earner once it reaches the target subscribers. For OTT-TV service, the forecast said that it will accelerate and reach 2 Million subscribers by the end of 2016. The success in the business will depend on the content providers and the service providers.

MatrixStream’s Comprehensive OTT IPTV Solution

Clients and customers are looking for services that will provide all the need to ensure that the videos will load fast. They would need a complete solution that will provide all the needs to set it up. Households, companies, hotels, and other establishments are showing the interest to turn into OTT-TV service for a better Tele-viewing experience.

Since this technology can give consumers a limitless channel option, the analyst said that it will indeed open a new era in TV watching and entertainment experience at home. OTT-TV service has reached 500,000 subscribers on October 2015 and is expected to explode this year.

With this rapid increase in demand, to be competitive, service providers must deliver high-quality content through a reliable platform such as that of MatrixStream’s.

MatrixStream’s end-to-end OTT IPTV solution can help services providers deploy a fully functional telco-grade IPTV solution. They can launch their services in a matter of weeks without complicated system integration and without the need of a huge startup cost.

With this solution, you can offer unlimited live TV channels and VOD videos which can be viewed through multiple devices such as set-top box, PC and MAC players, iOS smartphones and tablets, and Android smartphones and tablets.

For more information on how we can help your OTT-TV service through our end-to-end OTT IPTV platform, click here.

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