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Using Theft Sites – Cyber security firm RiskIQ exposed the dangers that piracy users face each time they download pirated content.

While American users aged 18 to 29 feel that they are saving dollars from downloading theft contents; many don’t really know the hazard of patronizing this kind of internet activity.

Using Theft Sites

Thirteen percent of the piracy users said that they knew that using these sites is wrong but not sure if this is really illegal.

Seventy percent knew that piracy website offered illegal contents.

Exposure to Malware

One-third of the pirated sites can potentially deliver malware directly to your computers. It can slow down your PCs or can cause a crash.

Merely visiting these websites can put a risk on your gadgets by invisibly downloading malware without you knowing it.

Even if you are not clicking anything on the piracy sites, it can cause harm on your PC.

Piracy users are also 28 times at risk of catching malware than those who use legal websites.

Hackers use these malware to steal and create millions of dollars doing cyber crimes.

Identity Theft

Digital thieves can rip off bank accounts, credit cards, and use your identity for different purchases and online transactions.

Hackers can easily steal your credit card information and sell it on underground internet exchanges.

They can also sell your Emails that can result to countless spam and unwanted subscription on your inbox.

In worst cases, digital criminals can go as far as locking computer users and ask for ransom fees.

They could also use your computer to spam, commit ad fraud and extortion.

As of today, cyber criminals make $70 million dollars just by installing malware and using your computer to commit a crime and steal from you.

Saving few dollars from using stolen creative contents may look cool, but the risk is too great to endure.

There is a great need for public awareness and campaign about the dangers that using piracy contents can give the users.

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