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Pay TV Market – Last year, Ovum reported from their latest research that the pay-tv market operations owned by telcos across the globe can soar by 177 million for 2015.

There is a growing share of traditional TV platform owners with the pay-tv market according to Jonathan Doran, principal analyst at Ovum and author of the report.

Pay TV Market

This signifies that telcos are seeing the profitable potential of the pay-tv market in the long run.

“The jump in subscriptions during 2015 is comprised mostly of direct-to-home (DTH) satellite subscriber additions resulting from M&A initiatives,” said Doran.

“These include the acquisition by AT&T of DirecTV (in the US and Latin America) and Telefonica’s purchases of Digital Plus in Spain and GVT in Brazil.”

The pay-tv market subscribers are expected to soar at a compounding annual rate of 4% by the year 2020.

With the said analysis, around a fifth of the pay-tv markets are now owned or controlled by the telecom operators.

However Pay TV Market, Ovum foresees that the trends can also possibly slow down.

It is projected that telcos will still be using cable and satellite together with IPTV networks.

They will also continue to improve the technology used like OTT platforms.

MatrixStream: Telco Game-Changer in Cost-Effective Pay-TV

The Pay-TV market is a promising market for years to come, and telcos are becoming an established player in the market.

With MatrixStream, telecoms operators are provided with a complete end-to-end MatrixCloud Telco MSO IPTV Solution that can be deployed in days.

It allows providers to deploy video portion of the “Triple Play” today. It supports the most advanced open standard video codecs such as H.264 or MPEG 4 Part 10.

As telcos need to upgrade services by providing subscribers with IPTV choices, MatrixStream gives a complete package of hassle-free service.

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