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The IPTV market in the SAARC region is expected to grow despite widely accepted pay TV model, according to the report SAARC IPTV Market Q2 2015 by Research and Markets.

In the SAARC region, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are the top three countries identified to have a total active IPTV subscriber base of 300,000+ in total.

The subscribers of Sri Lanka contribute nearly 47% of the overall SAARC IPTV market. It is followed by Pakistan with about 35% while India has about 18%.

The IPTV Market

The IPTV market in these countries is still evolving because it is not widely accepted compared to pay TV model. Sri Lanka and Pakistan are pushing IPTV in their regions because of their high interest in IPTV.

By the end of 2015, Nepal’s internet service providers are planning to include IPTV services in their offerings. The research foresees that Sri Lanka and Pakistan will continue to grow their IPTV services in the near future.

This is an exciting period to be involved in this market in the SAARC region because of its potential growth. It is the perfect time to be involved in this region.

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