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Pay-TV Homes – The brand name TV Everywhere (TVE) is yet to build brand awareness among subscribers.

The mobile revolution brought the rise of TVE use. Customers wanted the freedom to watch TV and movie, anywhere, everywhere, and anytime they wanted to.

Pay-TV Homes

The monthly users doubled since 2012. Viewers are turning to TV Everywhere websites viewable via computers. The use of TVE is becoming more popular especially among the X and Y generations.

The quick rise of tablets and video streaming shifted the trend. More people are now consuming video content. This concept gave birth to TV Everywhere services.

The key is to give consumers freedom and ability to watch popular shows on different devices like tablets, personal computers, and other gadgets.

According to GfK, 53% of in Pay-TV homes used TV Everywhere to watch movies or shows using computers, mobile devices, and TV set.

In 2015, 42% of subscribers used TVE services from signal providers while 46% have used TV network.

According to David Tice, SVP in Media and Entertainment at GfK, marketing and brand awareness is the “critical missing puzzle” to really skyrocket this service in the near future.

He also added that marketers and service providers must face the challenge of building brand awareness and understanding of TV Everywhere.

If service providers do so, there could be a higher turn of adoption to this kind of subscription choice.

Pay-TV Homes – TVE can also assist TV networks to maintain higher quality video content and get rid of broadband pipes.

The higher demand for video contents, on the other hand, can wake another task for service providers; that is how to maintain the quality of videos beyond the rising demand of subscription.

TV Everywhere, while becoming more popular today, is yet to work for the marketing and brand awareness and continue to develop infrastructures with investors for future demands.

It is important to have a reliable TV Everywhere solution that allows service providers to offer to their subscribers, seamless video streaming content on multiple devices.

MatrixStream has helped service providers worldwide by providing a reliable TV Everywhere solution designed to deliver high-quality content on OTT IPTV HD set top boxes, desktop players, laptop players, MAC players, Apple iPhone player, Apple iPad player, Android smartphone players, and Android tablet players.

By working with MatrixStream, service providers everywhere have deployed their own branded MatrixEverywhere players in the App store and Google Play store.

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