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Illegal IPTV – The surprising expense of live television both through cable and IPTV applications like Sling and Hulu has driven an expanding number of individuals towards illegal IPTV streaming services.

We can see the intrigue. In the event that you know exactly where to look, you can discover everything from live football to the most recent TV shows or Hollywood blockbusters.

Illegal IPTV – the reason

Be that as it may, these law-defying services may come with a huge cost eventually. Shockingly, the dangers are various, so why risk anything?

1. Money related Loss

There are numerous sites and applications offering free access to live TV or on-demand content. Nevertheless, there are even more services that offer paid illegal content.

The IPTV sector is among the most notable ones. Something as simple as hitting search on Reddit may uncover many unlawful IPTV suppliers.

Each of these gives access to countless live TV channels from all over the world.  

They usually charge a monthly fee between $5 and $15 with extra expenses for people who want to watch the content on multiple devices simultaneously.

They follow the model of many legal services and just like them, offer stunning discounts for long term subscriptions. 

Agreeing to accept such long term commitment, you risk financial loss.

As these providers are not reliable due to their illegal nature, they can stop offering their product at any time or even the authorities may shut them off. To sum up, at the end of the day you don’t get what you paid for. 

2. Infections and Malware

Intentionally or not, the great majority of people stumbled upon a site with illegal content at some point.

If you have, you would know that these sites are always packed with aggressive ads. And the great majority of these ads usually link to some sort of malware.

You can even click on such an ad unintentionally as they are often disguised within a play button, close icons, etc. And they don’t allow access to content with ad blockers activated.

The issue isn’t just constrained to websites. Many such services offer apps for various platforms.

3. Illegal IPTV Streams Are Unreliable

The illegal IPTV streaming industry is notorious for its’ poor reliability.  

Chances are that many of the advertised channels don’t work, while even if they do, users may experience buffering issues, poor quality, and so on.

Would you pay a single dime for such poor quality service?

Apart from finances, there are even more issues related to this. Imagine watching a big sports event. The build-up to it has been outstanding and you don’t want to miss a second of it.

All of a sudden in the final minutes of the game the streaming stops and you miss the most important moments. Nightmare.

4. Hijacked Connection

Using illegal, untrusted services puts your connection at risk of being hijacked. You may not even be aware of it. The connection might become slightly slower perhaps.

However, not enough to suspect anything. 

All of a sudden, your IP address has become the root of a VPN process and somebody else is using your address for their own (presumably, also illegal) activities. 

Imagine getting in trouble for something you didn’t do, and moreover you weren’t aware of it at all.

5. Watching Illegal IPTV Content May Lead to Prosecution

When it comes to streaming illegal content, in most cases the TV networks hunt down the source providers. But pursuing end-users isn’t out of the question either.

There have been such cases both in Europe and the US.

Kieron Sharp, the chief executive of the Federation Against Copyright Theft (FACT) said: “We’re looking at the people who are providing the apps and add-ons, the developers. And then we’ll also be looking at the end-user.

The reason for end-users to come into this is that they are committing criminal offenses.”

The chances of this happening are low in truth, but it’s not worth it to risk even the slightest bit. The law differs around the globe, but it certainly isn’t legal anywhere.

Legal IPTV

Legal IPTV services are highly reliable and always offer top quality streams, 24/7 support, and you are absolutely certain that you’re committing no crime.

Numerous apps and services offer legitimate affordable or even free access to live sports, TV shows, and movies.

Why waste a dollar on illegal services, why risk breaking the law and why waste a second considering “free” services that might infect your device with malware, cause you headaches, make you miss all the important moments?

Many telcos today require custom IPTV systems that are fully integrated with its own custom billing systems, custom IPTV offerings, and multiple packages for subscribers.

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