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Binge-watching has become ‘the thing’ in the past few years.

Some people are ashamed of it, some are fine with it. However, the undeniable fact is that everybody is doing it.

Moreover, with the recent worldwide lockdown measures, everybody had enough time to do it.

This is the reason we have decided to talk about it on the premiere of our IPTV 101 series.

What is Binge-watching?

In short, binge-watching means watching an entire season of a TV-show in a night.

It means TV-show overdose. It means watching a decade of television in a week. This was not possible until recently.

Older generations will remember testing their patience by relying on a broadcaster’s schedule.

Having to wait a full week for a new episode of their favorite TV show, only to be teased even more. It was never easy. However, the outbreak of IPTV services had made the above scenario unimaginable.

Especially to the younger folks.

How IPTV Changed Everything?

IPTV introduced Video-On-Demand. And VOD became an instant hit. Insane amounts of movies and TV-shows available at any given time.

Furthermore, as of recently, a new trend emerged – releasing new TV content as full seasons, instead of episode by episode. This was done with a strict purpose, to enable binge-watching.

Nowadays, TV fans have the opportunity to watch season after season. Naturally, people love it.

What is not to love there, though? A lot of snacks, drinks and all-night relaxing in front of a big TV.

There is always something to keep people awake. Whether it is the White Walkers converting the commoners or Heisenberg giving Jesse life lessons. No time for sleeping.

Be (Over) Prepared

IPTV providers across the globe have realized the potential of binge-watching. This trend has made the market that more competitive. Users love consuming high-volume of premium content.

What’s more, they love to be able to watch it first. That is the exact reason you should be the first to provide new shows. As Bill Gates once said: “content is king”.

Therefore, give your subscribers the opportunity to enjoy binge-watching to the fullest.

Through our partnerships, we at MatrixStream can help you acquire that content. Contact us and gain that advantage today!

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