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Catch-Up TV is yet another term that requires explanation. In case, you have forgotten and you need a refreshment of gained knowledge through ITPV 101 lessons, no worries. We are going to make a summary here. But first, let’s see how we can explain this easily.

Catch-Up TV – Core of IPTV Services

Days when you had to organize and schedule your activities around your favorite show, are long behind you. Just remember all the TV shows you missed because you had to be somewhere else. Moreover, it is hard to even remember that period. We owe it to a service that is popularly called Catch-Up TV. There is no other term that would better clarify stated above and it is completely taken for granted.

How Does It Work?

When you are not sure what something means you should look for it in a dictionary.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, Catch-up TV is a system for watching TV programs after they have been broadcast, using a computer, phone, etc. that is connected to the internet.

The next question can be, is Catch-Up TV different than VOD. Yes, it is.

We have explained VOD service in the recent blog post so we can say that VOD can be any type of content: simply, you chose it, press play and watch it or maybe even binge-watch the chosen content.

Catch-Up TV is based on TV programs after they are broadcast. Program availability can vary from 7 to 30 days and that depends on the provider. Very often, an EPG is used for this occasion, but let’s leave something for the next post.

On the other hand, Catch-Up TV has made another crucial change in terms of television globally.  Primetime no longer exists. You can create your own Primetime for TV and enjoy it as much as you can.

Full IPTV Package

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to imagine IPTV service without this convenient solution. An opportunity where you can rewind any TV show is not to be missed when you are offering a serious IPTV solution.

In case your potential client wants Catch-Up TV service, do not hesitate to answer that you can provide that. No big deal, your partner is MatrixStream and the only thing left do to is to schedule a meeting with our team of professionals here.

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