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Report Linker had published the latest forecasts for set-top box market.  Frost & Sullivan authored the 48-page market analysis.

The set-top box market insight provides data for unit shipment and market share.

For application segments, it revealed the expected trends for cable, Internet Protocol Television (IPTV), satellite, and Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT).

For regional reports, it forecasts the markets status for North America and Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Asia-Pacific.

Set-top Box Market Key Findings:

No. 1 Pay TV Showed Steady Growth in the Market

The study found that there was a remarkable shifting in consumer viewing patterns.

More customers are going to devices that are mobile and on the go. The trend shifts on services that empower subscribers to decide what to watch and when to watch it.

The report also presented market insights for global set-top box market and dissected it into four applications: cable, IPTV, satellite, and DTT.

No. 2 Higher Demand for Hybrid Boxes

The global market showed an increasing demand for hybrid boxes and calls for upgrading of features.  The reason for this to compete with the services that can switch users to pure OTT models.

No.3 Advancing Technology of Emerging Economies is Driving the Growth of Set-top box Market

The ongoing analog switch-off and a global shift to digital technology mark the growth of set-top box market at the global level.

The globe demands a richer user interface and quick search.

The digitalization of cables and other technological upgrades can bring notable growths for the next years to come.

Subscribers are looking for cloud-based time shifting and space shifting services.

No. 4 Service Providers had to Align the Services to Meet the Growing Demand

The growing demand will force investors to create upgrades in the technology used as well as the current infrastructures.

In the long term, the set-top box market is expected to shift more users.

More customers will choose services that can provide higher speed, security, and personalization.

The forecast for set-top box market also provided a 360-degree research perspective that will allow industry players to study the global trends for a set-top box.

With these findings and projections, it’s important to position yourself as one of the leading content providers.

It is critical to have reliable set-top boxes that can offer the ultimate home theater experience to the market such as that of MatrixStream’s.

MatrixStream Technologies Inc. is the leading vendor of HD streaming over the Internet IPTV solution provider.

We provide an end-to-end IPTV solution that’s easy to deploy with minimal upfront cost, has revolutionized the way that people watch TV.

It uses patented OTT MatrixCast(R) streaming technology (US Patent number US8484308 B2), created to remove the limits to where an IPTV or content provider can distribute their video content.

Content can be streamed to multiple devices like HD set top boxes, PC desktops, PC laptops, Mac desktops, Mac laptops, Apple iPads, Apple iPhones, Android smartphones, and Android tablets.

With this solution, service providers can not only offer high definition live TV, video on demand, and TV apps like e-commerce and targeted advertising, but also wholesale IPTV services to other service providers, each with their own logo, customers, content, and reporting and billing.

In other words, as a service provider, you can earn additional incremental recurring revenue by offering triple play IPTV service over any broadband today.

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