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IPTV in North America – Brief

Following our analysis of Asia and Africa, we will be looking into the ins and outs of IPTV in North America. This huge market offers exciting opportunities across all industries you could think of.

IPTV is no exception to this. The forecasts predict that the global market will reach a value of nearly $270 billion by 2027 – and IPTV in North America accounts for approximately 25% share of the market.

The figures are just mind-blowing – if all the people in the world used their fingers to try and count this, we would not get anywhere close to this number.

What Drives the Market?

The answer to the above question is pretty straightforward. It is the demand of course. Over time, people grew tired of limits that traditional television has.

Which of course led to increasing demand of access to countless hours of VOD content and thousands of channels. What’s more, all of that is available on multiple devices.

Enjoying your favorite TV shows in the comfort of your own home, or watching your team play while riding on a bus. It’s up to you.

It is all accessible over any device and over any internet connection.

Additionally, services such as UHD video, multi-screen, and the nDVR feature, which allows users to record the live shows and watch them at the time that suits their schedule, further boosts the demand.

Naturally, this created a hype over IPTV in North America and across the globe. This hype does not look like stopping anytime soon. Further growth is expected, at a CAGR of 19%.

Who Are the Key Players?

Multiple sources, including Coherent Market Insights, list MatrixStream as one of the key industry players on a global scale.

Want to engage in the world of IPTV in North America? Moreover, wherever you might be based on the globe – we can help.

MatrixStream specializes in setting up IPTV services from scratch. We can help you get the needed software, hardware, content, reporting and more.

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