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IPTV Headend Equipment Overview

Presumably, if you wanted to know about what IPTV headend equipment is needed for deploying an IPTV service, you are already familiar with what IPTV means.

Nonetheless, here comes a brief overview.

IPTV Headend Equipment is available in a wide range of sizes and features, so it’s important to choose the right system for your needs. It should be able to handle all types of inputs, from satellite or cable TV signals to live streaming content over the internet.

Additionally, look for IPTV Headend Equipment that offers advanced features such as picture-in-picture support, multi-channel audio support, and parental control options.

Furthermore, make sure your IPTV Headend Equipment is reliable and secure. Many systems offer encryption so you can be sure that the content you are watching is safe and secure from hackers or other malicious activity.

Finally, make sure you invest in a system that has good customer support so that if there are ever any problems with your equipment, you can get help quickly and effectively.

Investing in the right IPTV Headend Equipment is an important decision, so make sure you do your research beforehand to find the system that best fits your needs.

The abbreviation stands for Internet Protocol Television. Its’ transmission is quite different when compared to traditional cable or satellite TV. More importantly, the very transmission is one of the huge advantages IPTV has over conventional TV services.

Instead of transmitting signals in form of light pulses or radio waves, IPTV sends content through your Internet connection. In addition, most of IPTV comes with Video on Demand (VOD) and time-shifted media.

Therefore, giving you all the freedom to watch whatever you like, whenever you like, and due to its’ high flexibility – on any device you like. And lastly, it often comes at a price that is much more affordable than standard TV subscriptions.

“Sounds great! Definitely something worth offering to my customers. But, how does it work? What do I need?”

How Does It Work and What Do You Need?

To put it simply – you would need a solution that would enable you to acquire, process, encode and manage content. The signal is received via satellites, put through decoders, then through encoders, through middleware and streaming servers and finally to your users.

Content can be easily managed through a backend platform before reaching your users.

All of these processes that run in the background enable users to enjoy countless Ultra HD 4K movies, TV Shows, and live TV over their Internet connection.

They can watch TV on their phones, tablets, laptops, PCs and TVs. Moreover, they are in full control over the content and schedule. IPTV can be custom tailored to fit everybody’s needs.

In order to understand it better, take a look at the MatrixStream IPTV headend equipment diagram below:

IPTV Headend Equipment Diagram

How to Get All of That?

So, there is a lot of hardware and software components that are included in this, how do you get this?

MatrixStream offers the complete solution. MatrixCast, our patented OTT IPTV streaming technology is designed to work over any unmanaged broadband or 4G/LTE wireless network. Public Internet included.

Therefore, saving IPTV providers on head-end costs and bandwidth utilization.

MatrixStream will help you with all the headend equipment needed, content acquisition, all the software issues. Additionally, the service includes branded Set-Top Boxes and apps.

Finally, MatrixStream has a dedicated 24/7 NOC team that makes sure everything runs smoothly. All in one place.
In conclusion, it is a solution that enables companies to start their IPTV services quickly, with no headaches and with minimal upfront costs.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

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