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IPTV technology is constantly evolving, hence the need for providers to adjust to industry standards, and more importantly – customer demands. As we are nearing the final days of 2020, we have summarized the IPTV market as it stands, to make it easier for you.

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Following is a concise overview of the current status, as well as a look into what the future holds for IPTV technology as a business.

IPTV Roundup 2020

The headline of 2020 in terms of IPTV is that the number of IPTV subscribers officially exceeded the number of cable and satellite TV users. What’s more – that goes for the global market.

It is partially due to the modern way of living. TV is being watched on the go, and people love watching their favorite shows on multiple devices. For the second part, it is due to the quality that IPTV brings.

Coax cables, poor quality, bad reception, a very limited number of channels to name only some of the disadvantages of traditional TV systems. It is 2020, and people grew tired of that.

Nowadays, all renowned mobile networks provide more than decent 4G LTE connections.

Not to mention that majority of households have ultra-fast fibre broadband. Why not utilize this to the fullest?

With such good Internet, it comes as no surprise that people realized the advantages of IPTV technology. We are talking about countless UHD 4K live TV channels, hours and hours of premium on-demand content, and finally the additional perks.

Those include DVR recording options, tailored content, multi-device support, EPG and so much more. All delivered by the IPTV technology.

Future of IPTV Technology

In an article by Globe Newswire, it is mentioned that the next step in terms of IPTV Technology is artificial intelligence integration. As sci-fi as this may sound, it is the logical next step.

IPTV industry is growing constantly, and advancing at high speed. AI integration is expected to offer even more growth opportunities. Moreover, this would help service providers gain even more subscribers instantly.

Finally, the best news about this is that this is on the verge of being launched

Future of IPTV Market

The market itself is expected to grow at the fastest rate yet between 2020-2027. Additionally, the global market forecasts suggest that the revenue should reach $67.6 billion by 2027. That is a CAGR of 7.1% in this period.

On the other hand, analyzing regions – Asia Pacific is expected to emerge as the fastest-growing region in the IPTV sector.

MatrixStream has once again been named as one of the leading companies in the industry in the report by, published by Yahoo Finance earlier this year.

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