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EPG IPTV  is your best friend when it comes to browsing channels and content. We could use the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”, in order to explain the importance of EPG.

You have so many channels available and have to decide which of them you are going to watch.

In the past, you got an extra piece of paper with your daily newspaper informing you what is on TV.

It was a TV scheme for all 10 channels that people had at the time.

Undoubtedly, it is funny now to imagine, but that extra paper meant something. Although, we all have to admit, it was not really convenient.

On the other hand, thanks to IPTV services we do not have that kind of situation anymore. EPG which stands for Electronic Program Guide is there to help you coordinate all desired programs and to stay tuned.

Popularity of EPG IPTV

TV Guide is inevitable with a drastic increase in the number of channels, content, and active users as well. In the digital era, you have to provide your customers with more than just premium content and channels.

In other words, it is necessary to ensure the manageability of the entire solution.

Live TV guide has had its breakthrough in 2008 where nearly 60 million households in Europe where equipped with it, furthermore according to the forecast at that time, nearly three-quarters of all TV households will have some kind of digital TV guide.

EPG – How does it work?

EPG has many synonyms such as TV guide, Live TV guide, and so on, and they can differ from each other in certain features.

Modern EPG is often called IPG as well (interactive programming guide) which is a menu-based system that allows you to rewind channels, to pause channels, and of course to record certain content that is being streamed.

As we wrote previously Catch-up TV is only possible with EPG as a part of your IPTV solution.

How we do it?

TV Guide page serves to show the user what’s currently on Live TV Channels as well as what will be in the near future.

MatrixStream uses the metadata that’s sent from the content provider and shows it in the player.

The metadata sent by the content providers is being automatically synchronized and imported to the players, using the program created by our database development team.

To sum up: yes, we can deploy a full IPTV service for you too. Do not hesitate and get in touch with us here.

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